Ventriloquist Tom Crowl posing with his puppet, Dangerous

Ventriloquism for Dummies: A Lesson from Tom Crowl

Ventriloquist Tom Crowl posing with his puppet, DangerousWe’ve all seen one. Whether in person or on TV, we’ve witnessed their undeniably unique craft in action. From the good old days of Señor Wences to the sold-out shows of Jeff Dunham, they’ve entranced children and entertained adults alike. But how many of us have ever stopped to think about the actual career trajectory of a ventriloquist? What might inspire an individual to pursue the puppet, if you will, and how might he or she go about becoming a respected professional in the field?

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Holley McCreary

When Stars Get Social: Holley McCreary

Have you ever encountered Member Spotlight: Musician Holleyan individual that you just knew was destined to make it big? Whether it was evident in the passion they exuded or that certain spark they possessed, you simply couldn’t shake the feeling that something special was in the cards for them. During my latest interview with musician Holley McCreary, something told me that I was in the presence of a star. As I look back at the highlights from our conversation, it’s clear that “something” was the singer’s unmistakable talent and innate sense of musicality. The fact that she’s been ranked #1 on Reverbnation for country music, well, that too speaks volumes. Needless to say, hers is a name worth remembering. Read more…