Member Spotlight: Bagpiper Robert Mitchell

Our members are constantly giving us the inside scoop on what makes their businesses tick. Whether it’s a matter of getting savvy with social media or strategizing calls with clients, they’re continuously coming up with new ways to expand their reach and strengthen their relationships with clients. Consequently, you can imagine the variety of best practices members have shared with me in one-on-one interviews. Read more…

edmond FI

Member Spotlight: Saxophonist Edmond Baker, Jr.

We hear the phrase all the time, but what really makes an event professional the “total package”? Is it all about having an established expertise at one’s craft? The ability to effectively communicate with clients? Or is it about upholding oneself to certain business standards? For premier saxophonist Edmond Baker, Jr., it’s about all of these points – and a whole lot more. Read more…

What a party animal!

Member Spotlight: A Farm To You Revue

Hers isn’t your typical family-run business:

“It started with friends asking if we’d bring [our animals] to their parties or different events. We thought, ‘If they can pay for their own hay, then that’s a plus.’” What Candice Miller didn’t realize then was that what started as a side project to pay for pet food would quickly grow into a full-time Animals for Parties business. Read more…

Hitting the open road

Expanding Your Travel Distance

He’s performed in over 40 states. He’s driven from the eastern coast of Maine to L.A., having booked a string of gigs along the way. He can reasonably price quote a client 600 miles away because, well, he knows how to procure bookings en route to make the trip a profitable one. Have no illusions, renowned magician Keith West knows just what it takes to find great success across the entire U.S.

Read more…